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    Ben Doolittle

Company Profile

Health Insurance Guru is a family owned and operated health insurance brokerage. My name is Ben Doolittle, and along with my wife Molly and our staff, we provide our customers personalized help finding the right health insurance plan. We also write dental, vision, life, long term care and disability insurance. I spent nearly 10 years as a pharmaceutical and medical equipment representative before starting my own business. I was licensed in 2002 and have sold just about every type of health plan available since then.

My services cost you nothing extra, you pay exactly the same whether you use a broker or not! The advantage of using a broker is that I have no vested interest in any one carrier's product. I simply want to find the best coverage for you at the mot reasonable cost.

No one is excited to shop for health insurance coverage for themselves, their family or their business. The challenge is to find the right plan quickly, and get that plan in place, so that you can sleep well at night knowing that you are protected.

Call TODAY and let us help YOU find the BEST plan for YOU!